September 28, 2006

Muslim riots not considered a story by BBC

Via Dr (I didn't spend 10 years on my Ph.D to me called Mr) Angry I find that another religious group is rioting. Not Christians in Indonesia but back to the usual suspects, Muslims.

Three days of rioting in neighbouring country, including the rioters setting fire to a hospital, that is just a train ride away should be a big story, but on the BBC I find a story related to north africans fighting for France 50 years ago, but not the north africans fighting in Belgium now. It's not as if it is just journalistic laziness, the riots are going on a stones throw from the Eurostar station. If they wanted to they could go over, get their footage and be back snorting coke in the edit suite ready for the late news. Perhaps they are scared of getting their marching powder (and the expensive equipment bought through the TV Tax, but who cares about that?) stolen at the train station.

The riots have only been going on for three days so far, so if they act the same as last year there is still a while to go before the mainstream media has to pick it up. That is if they pick it up at all and don't censor themselves out of fear of the Muslim attacks. Or maybe they simply have not been granted permission by the relivant Muslim community leaders to run the story, like the police have to be granted permission before they can raid suspected Islamist terrorists. Even the dead cannot escape being dhimmished.

This is all so predicatable, the followers of the world's most violent religion are simply following the logic of their religion. The government and mainstream media are following the logic of the multicult. So expect more consessions, and expect more riots. Expect Vlaams Belang to do extremely well in the next Belgian elections, and expect the Beligan government to attempt to ban it. Again.


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